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September 8th, 2020



Recent updates
Over Dose - Touko Kawai
Yatteraneeze! - Mieko Koide
Haru wo Daiteita - Youka Nitta: reupload (higher quality versions) + upload vol 1 - 14 chap 49D
Zankoku Yuugi - Mieko Koide
Sorewa Yappari Ai Kamone - Riyu Yamakami

March 30th, 2008

Hi everyone ^^
Long time no see

Just me ranting about what happenCollapse )

Haru wo Daite Ita: Vol 12 Chap 47 + Ex , Haru Triology
View Finder : Naked Truth Zero, 13, Love Prize 3
Ze : Vol 3 + 4
Passion Fruit no Kaori Tsuki : Vol 2 chap 2 - 4
Uwasa no futari : Vol 2 chap 3 + 4
Komatta: Vol 9 chap 1b
Crimson Spell : Vol 2 chap 12 - 14 + Ex, Vol 3 chap 15
Taiyou no Romance : Vol 2 chap 8 + 9
Double Call: Vol 6 chap 2b
Welcome to the Chemistry Lab : Vol 2 chap 5+6, Vol 3
Demian Syndrome DJ - Demian Maiden
Hoshi no Yakata : Vol 5 Ex

I'm gonna edit this post over the next few days to put the things I got (after all, it take time to download all releases that I've missed)
Titles listed here are those that I'm supposed to (download and) upload, only those actually linked are uploaded. ^^'

May 11th, 2007

My Precious

Genre: Shounen-ai, Romance

Mangaka: Hotaru Odagiri

Volumes: 1

Status: Complete

Scanlation Group: Beautiful Soup

Preview: One day Minoto was passing by Mayue's place and heard the piano tune through the windows. Fascinated by the beautiful music, Minato approaches to the house and Mayue invites him into the house. Together, they become friends and depend on one another... however, Mayue later gets a proposition for studying aboard to Vienna....


MediaFire Link

May 3rd, 2007

*gigling like mad*

Here is the reason that ICollapse )

I'm back ^^ (yesterday, actually, 11pm ^^)
The trip was wonderful <3 . Just as Cygnus-san said, the merchandises are sooooo cheap XD, we had great time shopping in all 3 cities ^^ why is it that I find shopping is the most wonderful side, though we supposed to go there for sight-seeing?
I managed to lose my MP3 player on the 3rd day. Then, got my mom bought me a new one on the 4th day, :P .
The only thing that I really regret I couldn't do is to bring back with me some yaoi manga *sigh* . When we go shopping, it's always either all of us (my family) together, or me and my cousin / my mom and aunt , I could't get to be alone to buy anything ;_; .

Anyway, I get a .. pleasant(?) supprise today. Finally, my 1st vol of Yellow is here <3 . When did I received the other 3 vols? 2 months ago? O_o . Haven't even open the package yet as I spend my whole time to download new releases and catchin' up with my f-page. In other words, I'm in front of my laptop most of the day :P .

April 27th, 2007


Hi ^^

Seems like my family really loves traveling (or it's just me and my cousin who travel much lately ^^), but we're gonna be away for 5 days. This time, we (me, my mom, my cousin, her mom) gonna visit China ^^ and to think that I haven't even finish arranging my pic post for my earlier trip yet.... The tour includes Guangdong, Shenzhen and Nanning.

So, that's why I'm not gonna be here for the next 5 days (we'll depart at 4am tomorrow morning, which is 6 hours from now).

We're gonna spend lots of time just for moving from places to places, and because we have so little time to prepare (we decided to go 2 days ago -.-'), I have no time to print out any novel to bring with me and can't do it now, as our printer is dead, and nowhere would open at this time anymore *cry* what should I do to releive my yaoi-crave? >.<

2 things for sure I'll bring with me: my MP3 player (which now have BoC's songs, Seishun Amigo (love this song <3), about 15 or so songs of H.O.T, and I think I'll add more PoT anime OST to it <3), and my new USB, can't leave it home for my father to check, can't I?

April 24th, 2007

Tsuki to Mizu no Yoru

Genre: Shounen-ai, Supernatural, Drama

Mangaka: Niki Kajiwara

Volumes: 2

Status: Complete

Scanlation Group: Storm in Heaven

Preview: Meet the volatile Nakichi and peaceful Seita, the two water sprites that live in a river in the remote countryside. A chanced encounter with the human child Yoshiharu reawakens the half forgotten ties between water sprites and humans, and an amazing friendship is forged. Yet can this relationship survive the test when humans once again threaten the lives of these mythical beings?
(from Storm in Heaven)


Volume 1

Volume 2

April 11th, 2007

Meme ^^

I got tagged by Kaori-chan ^^

1. I'll post usernames of those friends I care about, people who are dear to me.
2. If you see your username in this post, do the same thing in your journal.
3. If you don't see your username in this post, it doesn't mean that I don't care about you at all.
4. The order of the usernames doesn't mean a thing. Even if you're the last in the list, it doesn't mean I care any less about you.

aleksandrajabla , cerena_n , cygnus13 , jems_sensei , june77, kaorismash , kanglin , kanharu , kokuyouseki, kuchiko , ky_ura , nekk_ , nightcat82 , t_zou , twig_tea , whey

I'm pretty sure that there're more that I forgot to list out here -.-'

April 10th, 2007

I'm back ^^

Hi XD I'm back XD

Thank you, Pir Anha for helping me with the new releases , and Alex, for whatever you've sent to me >.O

Miss you verymuch, my friends, my internet connection, my yaoi... *glomps all of you*


To be fair, I did have internet connection (eventhough it's just for half an hour, and only when our 450Mb memory card is full of pictures, as my friend's laptop recognized the camera as a disk instead of a USB, and couldn't read it as a result >.< ), so I could follow your replies, but not enough time to reply them *sigh*. And the yaoi.. I did say that I printed out yaoi novel to read, right? and with the high smut in Administration (with lots lots of kinky XD)... maybe I didn't miss yaoi that much... XD.

And with the novel, the trip has been a really good one, with all the days filled with enjoyable moments <3 . We had the days for visiting (or swiming, as most of our destinations are beaches), which of course were wonderful. Nights are for playing card XD ('tá lả', anyone? XD), as for the travelling time, I had my yaoi fix, and the others slept, or played card again. Doesn't that sound good? ^^ . And it's like that till we finished the trip, came back to Saigon to attend my cousin's wedding that I got my throad sored, followed by high temperature, accompanied with coughing fits and running nose >.< . But even then, I still go out shopping with everyone in the day, with eating + taking pill when the temperature went too high up :P XD.

The trip ended with me bought a USB, 4GB, about $31, and that deleted any bad mood caused by the fever. I'm still very high now . My dad CAN'T DO ANYTHING TO MY LOVELY YAOI EVER AGAIN *adds some maniac laughter here*

Will get on with my picture post as soon as I get all the pics back, they're in my friend's laptop, and she brought it with her, and I still have to resize the the pics I want to post (I'll upload a zip for original size of the pics if anyone interested), also time for scaning the postcard I've got, in case anyone interested (anyone?).

So, in the mean time, more yaoi to come :P , as I'll upload as much as I can to celebrate my new *squezz* 4G *squezz* USB XD *is in her little world, smugging thinking about how much yaoi she can store there without worrying they would be deleted*

March 22nd, 2007

I'm goin' away...

This' the 1st time I've done what the 1st day list is intended for: flooding their f-page with new titles XD .
The reason for that is cos I'm gonna be out of town for about 3 weeks: depart tonight on the last flight 9h30PM, will be back on 10 April. And in those 3 weeks I may or may not be able to get on internet. One thing for sure: I can't upload/download anything *sigh* . and the favor I need, and is solved by pleonastic :DCollapse )

The trip will be for my cousin's marriage on 7April in the South (Ho Chi Minh city). And we (4 girls) depart much sooner so that we go do some sight-seeing ^^. We'll go to HCM, then Phu Quoc island, next to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat, then, if we still have time we'll go North to Nha Trang, then be back to HCM city for my cousin's marriage :P .
As much fun as the trip seems too be (and will be), it still made me frown abit thinking about those yaoi deprived days. But I've had a resolution for that ^^: print out the yaoi novels I'm reading: The Administration Series and sanzen_karasu I've meant to finish them up for a while ^^. Will keep you guys update with my trip if I have connection :P

For all of those who'd friend me in this period: I don't know if I have internet connection or not, and even if I do, it would be impossible to get it everyday, so don't worry if I haven't friended you back eventhough the 1day period's over. I'll make sure I get all settled when I'll be back home.
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